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Ecommerce design for your business

What makes for a good ecommerce design and how is it important to your business? Well people now days are fairly cautious about where they spend or invest their hard-earned money and thus typically expect much out of their purchases.

There exist a lot of ecommerce sites offering people the convenience of buying and selling products or services online. Your ecommerce web design has to offer an attractive and pleasant experience to meet such expectations.

With good e commerce web design, businesses are more likely to keep their prospects glued to their website making it more likely for them to actually make a purchase. Needless to say, it’s certainly something that no ecommerce business can afford to overlook and the quality of one’s business website is of utmost importance.

The appearance and the initial impression that your business website provides can influence the decision of visitors to leave or stay – make it count!

The challenges of good ecommerce design

Hundreds of ecommerce sites are making an appearance online every day and every one of them are looking to establish a competitive and profitable presence online. It is a goal shared by everyone in the ecommerce business and one that is certainly within reach but only with a good and effective business strategy.

Ecommerce design is an important part of that strategy as it represents the identity of businesses online and enables them to showcase a wide range of products or services.

One of the first things that people ought to know about putting up an ecommerce site is that you simply just can’t jump into it haphazardly. It requires fairly extensive knowledge and skills as well as a good understanding of both website design and your respective business needs. Ecommerce web design is a task best left to proven and reputable professionals who can help you ensure that your website attracts as many businesses as possible.

Your ecommerce website design needs to be attractive and catchy enough to hold the attention of website visitors and yield a lasting and albeit profitable impression. After all, casual website visitors are more likely to turn into actual buyers if they find your business website attractive and professionally designed.

Bad e commerce web design is perhaps one of the top reasons why a lot of businesses online fail to impress their prospects and unable to survive in the highly competitive world of ecommerce businesses. Of course good ecommerce web design isn’t just about catchy aesthetics, functionality and quality of user experience is just as important!

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Generally speaking, wireless computer connections are reliable. However, nothing is perfect, and sometimes you may lose your connection or experience a weak signal. There are many factors that impact the reliability of your wireless connection. For example, if your wireless adapter is too close to a 2.4 GHz wireless telephone, you may notice a decrease in your computer’s wireless single strength. Why? Because the phone and the computer reside on the same frequency and can interfere with each other’s performance.

Handy Repair Checklist for Wireless Interruptions

1. First check to see if your cable or DSL is actually working. Usually located in your basement, most modems have four lights. You have a live Internet connection if the “data” or “status” light is on. If it’s off, or flashing, your cable is out.

2. If your cable/DSL is working, then reboot your computer. Sometimes, if your cable/DSL goes out for even 10 seconds, your computer and the wireless router may no longer be able to talk to each other. By rebooting your computer, a new IP address is assigned, allowing them to once again communicate.

3. If your desktop is wireless and you’ve moved the wireless adapter [the box that sits next to the computer with antennas], then you may need to move the adapter until you find a stronger signal.

For the past several years, Australia has been dealing with building the national broadband network (NBN), which would allow every home in the nation to connect to a fast and reliable Internet connection. Presently, Internet speeds are quick in metropolitan areas, but as you move far from city centres, connectivity drops too.

NBN aims to solve this issue so that even in remote areas, people can enjoy reliable Internet access. The NBN uses an upgraded interactions facilities which replace old copper wires with fibre optics. Inning by reports, NBN satellite is presently being presented throughout Australia, allowing more people to experience innovative developments in Internet connectivity.

There are several kinds of NBN connections that a household can get, and the function of this article is to talk about the very first one-- fixed line NBN.

What is a Fixed Line NBN Service?

As you may have already realised, the fixed line NBN works by utilizing a fixed fibre optic line where internet signals are sent from the source and to the user's household. For this reason, the service is likewise called NBN Fibre since the signals are transferred utilising fibre optic wires.

What most people do not realise is that fibre optics is amongst the most innovative means of signal transfers today. Unlike the old copper wires of the past, fibre optic cables are comprised of glass and use light to transmit signals and information. This indicates fibre optic lines can dramatically increase Internet connectivity, and alter how people look at Internet searching.

The following are some of the benefits that you can expect when choosing a fixed line NBN connection:

  • Can transmit information over cross countries without sacrificing excessive quality.
  • Fixed line NBN is impervious to noise and ground vibrations, which implies a loss of signal is extremely unlikely.
  • Can support high bandwidths of data transfer

As you can see, the NBN fixed line is undoubtedly the next generation of Internet connection in the country. If you have an interest in obtaining it, inquire now with your nearest NBN service providers to find out if NBN fibre covers your location.

With dial-up internet slowly dying and more and more homes are being connected with high speed broadband internet connection every day, Internet service providers are doing everything they can to get your hooked on. With new ISP providers entering the market every day, the prices to get a high speed connection are falling. With so many to choose from, how do you decide broadband supplier offers the right package for you?

Connection Speed - How fast?

Be a little bit weary of broadband deals advertising "up to 8mb" connection etc. It may not mean that you will get the speed they advertise. The speed you will be able to get depends on your local exchange and what your line is capable of. So always check the availability before you sign on the dotted line.

Download Limits

Many ISPs advertise "Unlimited Broadband" as their unique selling point. Even these so called "Unlimited" download limits do have fair usage policies (usually not well advertised, like most small print). If you use your broadband internet connection just to browse internet, check emails and do some shopping, you may not need a huge download limit or an unlimited deal for which you have to pay more. One of the common impacts of advertising these days is to make you believe that you need something which in fact, may not be true. So know what download limit you need and do not end up paying over the odds because of seeing a flashy advertisement from an internet service provider.

Know your rights

Most of the products you buy online, including your broadband connection will be subject to some cooling off period. Even if you sign up to a one year contract, you may still be able to cancel within, say 14 days or so depending on local regulations.

Compare prices and reviews

Broadband providers keep changing their offers all the time. If you have seen an advertisement somewhere, whether it is TV or media, do not presume that you will get the same offer. Always check the latest prices when you sign up. Better still, read what other peoples experiences are with the Internet service providers using broadband provider comparison sites.

Last, but not least, consider looking for a latest deal every time you renew your contract. There is a good chance that you might find a better ISP than your current one.

The speed and accessibility of the Internet has greatly increased due in no small part to DSL technology. Only cable can claim faster speeds in the consumer market, and not in all circumstances. User can now access the Internet at incredible speeds at affordable prices that in the recent past would have simply been impossible.

As is often the case, the more advanced a technology becomes, the more easily it breaks down. Although a great Internet service, DSL is subject to this problem as well. It doesn't take a great deal to cause a serious DSL slowdown, and they can be difficult to fix.

When dial up Internet access was the only Internet service available, slowdowns were less obvious. Since everything was equally slow it would usually take a dropped connection before a dial-up users perceived a problem. Now customers are used to a higher level of service, and slowdowns can be painfully obvious. The most common areas where DSL Internet access slowdowns occur are the phone line and the computer.

Phone Line Slowdowns:

Distance from the local phone company exchange is a factor in how fast a DSL connection can get. The further away a user is, the lower the transfer rate. Although there are signal amplifiers and filters that can mitigate this problem, it has not completely gone away. It is possible to be so far away from the exchange that service is impossible.

It seems now that the direct line that feeds a users house is more often a DSL Internet issue in an area where access is available. Load coils, resistive crosses, and line taps can all create line noise. Line noise will slow a DSL connection, if not prevent a connection all together. The consumer can do little to correct most line noise, and it should e recommended that the user's phone company be notified and request a line test. FCC regulations require a certain level of line quality, and is that is not met it is the phone company's responsibility to fix this problem.

External devices can also cause line noise. Phones, televisions, fax machines and other devices can cause disruptions in DSL service. Although these devices create only a small amount of noise, it is cumulative. If one of these devices is defective or old the noise can get bad fast. If you are having trouble with a DSL connection and believe it might be noise from external devices, unplug everything from the phone lines except the DSL modem and try your download speeds. Be sure to use the line filters that came with the DSL modem, as these are designed to help decrease line noise.

Computer Issues

The computer itself is the most likely problem area of any DSL connection. Hardware and software configurations are limitless, and among them are set ups that simply wont work. Add the possibility of spyware, viruses and worms and you have a multitude of possible issues.

It is likely that very old computers cannot process information at the speeds DSL connections can serve it up. This can really slowdown a fast download, and cause a severe bottleneck. This can be identified by the severe slowing down of all computer processes when downloading files.

Worms, viruses, and spyware cab all slow down a DSL Internet connection. This problem can be easily fixed with a good anti-virus product like Norton or McAfee. Both of these packages have Auto-Protect features that scan anything stored on the computer. Although Auto-Protect can cause slight slowdowns, it is well worth it.