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About Us

Listen Up!

Quickstar Productions LLC is the baby of three musicians disheartened with the current state of the music industry and is a company that is determined to change the way things work. The founders, all being in bands, were sickened with the way the industry enslaves its bread and butter. The bands work for the labels, while the labels take all the profits. There wouldn’t be a label if they didn’t have bands to sell yet they still treat artists with no respect and unfair compensations for their hard work. Why should bands put up with this obvious lack of reverence? The answer is that they have no other option. Quickstar Productions LLC aims to change this. They offer the same services as the labels, except they allow the artist to do it on their own. In essence, we work for you! We allocate the tools for you to be successful, all while still controlling your own destiny. Being in the industry for over 10 years now, we know how the business works and want to help you get your music heard!

The Founders of Quickstar Productions LLC

Brenden Bosmans
Hi, my name is Brenden Bosmans. I am 28 years old and have been an active member of the Baltimore/Washington music scene for the past 9 years. While balancing a life between school and music, I have achieved a double major in History and Finance from the University Of Maryland. During my schooling, I was able to find the time to tour nationally, record, and manage my various bands. I am currently seeking my Masters Degree in Business at Frostburg State Univ. I was classically trained as a musician from an early age and have now effectively found a way to combine my passion for music with my knowledge of business. This is a career that I truly love.

Joe Bird
Hey, I’m Joe Bird, a 25-year-old musician from Maryland. I have been in touring bands since the age of 15. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in music business and a concentration in production and marketing. I have always loved music and decided to make it my career. If I wasn’t on stage, I wanted to be behind the scenes. I was trained classically on the violin, saxophone, and upright bass and have been playing music since the 2nd grade. Quickstar Productions LLC is my take on the way things should be in the music industry.

Bryan Bosmans
Hey guys, its Bryan. I do a lot of the technical stuff that makes everything happen. Along with being a project manager on compilations, I spend most of my time mastering CDs for Quickstar Productions and various bands. I have been involved with music all throughout my life. Coming from a classical background, I have been in many choral groups, and play piano and trumpet. I also play guitar, bass, and various other percussion instruments. I went to school at the University of Maryland and majored in Economics with a minor in Music. Let me know what you think about the site and any suggestions would be appreciated.