Parking lot line marking is a vital part of managing your business, A significant location of unmarked tarmac can cause havoc to your customers, delivery van and to your employees, with individuals driving and parking all over the place.

The line marking of your parking area should indicate the instructions of traffic flow and which locations ought to be kept clear. Disabled Parking, Shared Zones, Loading Areas, parking aids for the disabled and elderly — all must be kept clean and orderly.

image of line markings for a handicapped parking stall in a parking lot

As you can appreciate, compared to an empty and neglected stretch of tarmac, a marked parking area gives your consumers an excellent first impression of your business based on the amount and kind of vehicular traffic road line marking wears away at varying rates.

Parking Lot Line marking Upgrades

Maintaining car park painting  at your facilities is a legal requirement to ensure the safety of the pedestrian traffic using your facilities. There are no standards concerning the frequency of updating your line marking. Two of the significant elements that will affect this time frame is the amount of traffic and weather. Other reasons for upgrading your road line marking, is because you may want to modify the parking areas or present more handicapped parking for instance.

Rush Hour Locations: The much heavier the traffic, the more wear and tear and the more frequently you will need to have your parking lot line marking restored. The large parking lot might require specific heavy traffic locations remarked every year with lower traffic areas being upgraded every 2nd year.

Low Traffic Locations: If your parking area doesn’t get much traffic every day, you might get away with updating the line marking every two years.

Long Term & Short-term Parking: A long term parking area is one where automobiles stay for some hours at a time such as an Office Complex, as traffic circulation is minimal throughout the day. A short-term parking lot such as Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings, etc. have automobiles using the car park space every 10-20 minutes. For that reason, the line marking would require to be remarked on a more frequent basis.

Weather condition: In Australia, significant weather condition events will have unfavourable an impact online marking in car parks and on roadways due to the makeup of the item which is developed to degrade to stay tidy and noticeable.

Re-organise Parking: If you are expanding your road marking in Melbourne , you might require to mention the parking areas to make the area more user-friendly, and naturally, including more Handicapped Parking or Parent with Prams which will need unique logos for easy identification.

A good rule of thumb is that parking lot line marking needs to be redone every one to two years, depending on how rapidly it has faded.