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In today’s society, people are always on the go. With the advancements of the internet and mobile devices, we are able to do our work and complete our tasks from any location. People can now keep up with friends and family throughout the world without having to travel. To further increase productivity, some businesses like software development companies have employees who work remotely.

This means that these remote employees need to be able to stream video of themselves working at their computer meeting the deadlines. This can be done by purchasing the right equipment for streaming video. Here’s a list of the equipment needed to stream video remotely:

1) The Webcam

A webcam is used to record videos using your computer. A camera will provide an image of yourself while recording. The quality of the camera that you use determines how high or low your resolution will be while streaming on sites, such as Skype.

2) The Microphone

A microphone is used to record your voice while you are streaming video or podcasting. A built-in mic usually comes with Webcams for free. If you plan on streaming videos daily, it’s best to purchase an external USB Mic instead of relying on the one that comes with your Webcam.

3) The Streaming Software 

Streaming software is used to broadcast the video and sound from your webcam and mic on a service, such as Skype. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free computer program that has gained popularity with professionals who stream videos online frequently. This free alternative paves the way for creating professional-looking videos to share with clients or potential clients.

4) The Internet Connection

An internet connection is needed to stream video for others to watch online. For the best quality, you need a fast upload speed of at least 5 megabits per second (Mbps). If your upload speed is too slow, the quality of your streaming will suffer and you may even lose viewers.

5) The Computer 

A computer is required to record your webcam and mic. The quality of your computer determines the quality of the streaming video you share with viewers. A fast processor like an Intel i7 or higher paired with at least 2GB graphics memory enables high-quality streaming.

6) The Recording Device

To save your recorded videos for later, you will need a storage device. A USB flash drive is perfect for this, as it is small and easy to transport. Make sure that your chosen device has enough space to store your recordings!

Additional equipment that can improve your streaming experience: 

-A webcam tripod for stability while streaming

-An external mic for better sound quality

-A lighting kit to help brighten up your video and remove shadows

-A green screen to chromakey your background and place yourself in any location you choose

-A streaming box such as the Elgato HD60 to record your screen and stream it at the same time

-A laptop stand for a more comfortable streaming experience 

By having the right equipment, you can stream video from anywhere in the world without any glitches or interruptions. You can even stream on your current computer and connect with clients. All you need is a good internet connection and you’ll be up and streaming in no time!

Are you planning to have a remote live stream? Comment down your questions below and we might be of help!