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The advent of social media has made it possible for anyone to broadcast anything, anywhere. With the widespread use of smartphones and computers, taking video footage has never been easier. Businesses around the world are taking advantage of this momentum by live streaming their conferences online. 

Here are some valuable tips for businesses looking to stream a business conference:

1) Capture Quality Content

When live streaming a business conference, the first goal should be capturing quality content. Live streaming video can only benefit your business if people are viewing it. If you want viewers to watch your live stream, you need to make sure that the videos are good enough for them to tune in. This means using high-quality cameras and microphones, and ensuring that the footage is well-lit and properly framed.

2) Use a Professional Streaming Service

While some businesses may be tempted to stream their conference using Facebook Live or Periscope, these platforms are not always reliable. The best way to ensure a smooth live stream is to use a professional streaming service. Services like Skype, LiveStream, and Ustream are all capable of handling large-scale broadcasts without any glitches.

3) Choose the Right Platform

When choosing a platform to stream your conference, it’s important to consider your audience. If most of your viewers are based in the United States, then a platform like Livestream or Ustream would be a better choice than something like YouTube. Conversely, if your viewers are spread out all over the world, then a platform like YouTube would be more suitable.

4) Promote Your Live Stream in Advance

Once you’ve chosen a platform and captured quality footage, it’s time to start promoting your live stream. Send out a press release to announce the event, and post about it on social media. Make sure to include a link to the live stream so that viewers can easily find it.

5) Prepare for Technical Difficulties

Even the best-planned live streams can sometimes go wrong. Be prepared for technical difficulties by having backup plans in place. Have a backup streaming service ready to go, and have someone on hand to help with any technical problems that may arise.

6) Encourage Interaction

Since live streaming is all about engaging with an audience, it’s important to include ways for viewers to interact with you. Consider hosting a Q&A session during the event, or encouraging viewers to submit questions in advance. You can also encourage viewers to follow your social media pages, fill out a survey, or share the event on their social media profiles.

7) Promote Your Live Stream After the Event

It doesn’t do you much good if no one watches your live stream of your conference. Once your conference is over, you should promote your video footage online, and share it on social media. This will ensure that more people are able to watch it, and that they can do so at their convenience.

So there goes 7 tips for live streaming a business conference. By following these tips, you can ensure that your conference is seen by as many people as possible. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start a trend!

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